We believe in the power of relationships. We believe that powerful human connections are the one thing people and groups need to be truly successful. We believe that people are more happy, engaged, and fulfilled in their school, their work, and their organizations only when they are meaningfully connected to others.

We believe that more human connection = a better world.

The Social Excellence Project is an education and consulting firm that helps attract, engage, and retain the people who matter most to you. We exist to teach people how to build meaningful connections with others and why that matters.

What is Social Excellence?

The Social Excellence message and movement were created by Matt Mattson, Jessica Gendron Williams, Josh Orendi and their colleagues at Phired Up Productions. It has grown to include a worldwide following. To learn more about Social Excellence, read the blog, buy the book, or reserve one of our trainers for your conference, students, workplace, volunteers, or whoever your audience is.