Interviewing World Changers at #ASAE16

by Matt Mattson

Dear #ASAE16 friends. I want to feature you and your association as examples of #SocialExcellence. This is part of the Social Excellence definition: “The deepest level of societal participation and contribution.” That’s what so many associations do!

One thing I love about the ASAE world is the vast diversity of associations. There is a group for EVERYTHING! That’s why we started our work over 14 years ago — we believed that there were tons of people out there wanting to change the world, they just needed to figure out how to gather more people around them. We figured if we could help you find more world-changers to help you, we could have made our own little positive dent in the universe.

So, I’m excited to meet you, interview you (15-minutes), take your picture, and share your story of how your association is changing the world.

I can be texted at 630-965-1779 or direct messaged on Twitter at @PhiredUpMatt or @SocialXcellence.