They’re Nicer Than You Think

They’re nicer than you think.

ImageThe people out there. The strangers. The people walking by. Those humans averting their eyes away from your averted eyes. They’re nicer than you think.

When we teach Social Excellence strategies, and challenge people to meet and engage with strangers in uncommon ways, their initial assumptions are often that the people they meet will not be open to talking. Our learners are often fearful of being called “weird,” “awkward,” “or the worst of all… “creepy.”

But most of them won’t call you those things. Most of them won’t even be fearful or offended. Surprised, maybe, but not upset.

We do it all the time. It’s our job to do it. Seriously. They’re nicer than you think. They want to be engaged with, just like you. They want to have a memory created. Just like you. They’re waiting for it. Just like you.

The greatest moments in your life will all happen with other people. Avoiding most of them means you’ll lose out on untold life-changing moments. Assume the best of the passersby, because they probably will assume the best of you.