Origin Story: The Social Excellence Project

SEP-iconLOGOYou might already know us. We’ve been helping people connect for over a decade. Now we’re focused on helping YOU!  Let us (re)introduce ourselves.

In 2002 we founded a company called Phired Up Productions. That company helps college fraternities and sororities. The Social Excellence Project  grew from so many nonprofit members, community leaders, corporate managers, and university professionals asking us to share our messages for other groups.

Whether it was for college (or high school) orientation, leadership seminars, student engagement solutions, nonprofit membership conferences, recruitment training for volunteers and fundraisers, or groups who just believed in the power of human connection… people wanted us to share our message with a wider audience. So, here we are. Ready to help you. After years of doing non-Greek work (for lots of groups) under the Phired Up banner, we’ve built a new brand specifically for YOU… The Social Excellence Project.

When we wrote the book, Social Excellence: We Dare you, a couple years ago, that was our first step in sharing this message with a wide audience. Since then we’ve had so much demand for connecting people, building community, and growing groups through the power of Social Excellence.

We’re on a mission to spread human connection.

We believe in the power of relationships.

We believe that powerful human connections are the one thing people and groups need to be truly successful.

We believe that people are more happy, engaged, and fulfilled in their school, their work, and their organizations only when they are meaningfully connected to others.

We believe that more human connection = a better world.

The Social Excellence Project is an education and consulting firm that helps attract, engage, and retain the people who matter most to you. We exist to teach people how to build meaningful connections with others and why that matters.

We want to work with NONPROFIT, COLLEGE, COMMUNITY, and CORPORATE partners to get more people connected together. This is how we’ll change the world. Will you help us?

Please follow @SocialXcellence on Twitter and like our Facebook page. Please recommend us to the people you know who would benefit from our message. Please help us connect with others as we do the same. Let’s spread human connection like peanut butter all over the planet. Let’s re-connect our schools, our organizations, our community, our world.  Let’s defeat the enemy — social isolation — with a powerful weapon — more and better conversations and relationships.