The Social Excellence REVOLUTION

Down with “the man!”

Tear down this wall!

We will not be oppressed!

Our revolution will not be denied!

When we were writing the book, and building the original message of Social Excellence, it felt like we were starting an uprising, a revolution, a movement. We often use language like that in our training and talks.

But what are we revolting against? Who is our enemy? What is the shared problem that we’re trying to solve?

For us, our core cause has always been to HELP GROUPS GROW — because groups of committed people change the world. But here’s the problem… Groups are dying. Our society is trending toward social isolation. Online media is part of that problem, but it goes deeper. Community organizations, service groups, religious groups — too many are shrinking and dying. This trend has shown up over the last couple of decades especially, and we need to stop it.

Our world has been shaped by “small groups of thoughtful committed citizens” (thanks Margaret Mead). Everything we’ve created as a species has come from groups of people who have gathered together. When we bring people together around the causes that matter to us, we have the power to change things.

This video, which we didn’t create — we just added to — tells part of that story.

So, join us in a revolution against SOCIAL ISOLATION. Help us bring people together. More people gathered together around important causes can change the world. This is what Social Excellence is all about. This is why we shake hands, have conversations, build relationships, and collaborate — so that we can organize, change the world, and matter.

Let the revolution continue.

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