“Having a bounty on my head was unsettling” (Social Excellence Helped)

Ryan Addis Ryan Addis is a recent alumnus of Grand Valley State University, and a member of a student organization we’ve been proud to support over the years.  He shared an anecdote with us via Facebook message about applying Social Excellence to his new career that we just had to share.  Here are his words:

“I’ve had some great success with social excellence I wanted to share. I’m working an armed security job in some rough neighborhoods in MI (Flint & Pontiac), and was tasked with trying to build rapport with residents in my patrol area who have some pretty poor views on security, police, and authority in general. By utilizing some techniques and ideas from Phired Up I’ve been able to build great respectful relationships with nearly all of the residents in my patrol zones. One shining example is a known gang member with a reputation for trouble. Word on the street was that the guard who patrolled before me caused a lot hardship for him, and his life was in danger. Naturally the thought of having a bounty on my head was unsettling, but I saw it as a challenge to be better than the rest. I eventually had the opportunity to strike up a conversation with “RayRay”, and he surprisingly began to open up to me an incredible amount. In a very sneaky way I used fun zone/deep zone questions to break down the stereotype barriers and by the time the conversation had concluded I had learned all about his interests, passions, and even convinced/encouraged him to pursue his dreams of being an architect and going to school instead of continuing to commit crimes. This is just one of many examples but I have to tell you, I was proud of the outcome and my increasing social awareness/excellence. Over the course of a month at one site I have changed the views of many tenants about authority, and managed to create relationships with everyone through simple communication and caring. So thank you for teaching the idea of social excellence and equipping me with techniques to create such a positive impact on my environment.”

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